Creative Network South Posted on Apr 14th, 2014

Digital Media Network Talk

21st January 2014

I was recently approached to give a talk about my career to date, at a local networking / conference event in Winchester called Creative Network South.

I happily accepted the offer and prepared some slides for the event.
I based my slides around my student years and the transition from studying to working in industry. I tried to keep the advice practical and honest.
The slides might not make much sense without me speaking over them though.

I feel the talk went well and I received positive and useful feedback from the event.
I also noticed quite a few students attended, which is good as that was the audience I was aiming at.

While public speaking doesn't come naturally, I did enjoy the experience and hope to do more in the future.

Someone in the audience nicely captured the gist of the talks in an awesome sketch. You can find more out about Drawnalism here.

Characture Picture