Geolocation with Meteor (Proof of Concept) Posted on Jul 5th, 2015

This weekend I looked at some technologies that I felt would be useful for a side project of mine. While the side project isn't fully figured out yet, I wanted to assess the feasibility of some of the concepts. That lead me to revisit the HTML5 Geolocation API, as well as a framework that has continually peaked my interest for a while, Meteor.

It was surprisingly quick to get something up and running, with my desired functionality. The app uses the HTML5 Geolocation API to send the users location data to a MongoDB collection, that is then used to display the users location on a Google Map.

While this is just a proof of concept (and the code is not production ready), it was really quick and easy (using Meteor) to get something up and working to test.

Feel free to view the code on GitHub.

geolocation-meteor preview