The University of Winchester Posted on Jun 22nd, 2013

Associate Lecturer @ The University of Winchester

September 2012 - January 2015

In 2012 I graduated from The University of Winchester with first class honours, having studied on the Digital Media Development(BSc) course.

Darren Graduation Picture

Just before graduation, I was asked if I would like to lecture on the Digital Media course. I was very honoured and accepted the responsibility right away.
As I had already negotiated a full-time job at Marmalade on Toast, I started off part-time lecturing the second year cohort on a Tuesday afternoon.

The demand for a developer lecturer on the course grew, to the point now where I'm working full-time teaching all the code & developer related content on the programme.

This experience has been great and has provided me with a considerable understanding of both sides of academia. It has also allowed me to work with some enthusiastic and driven students/colleagues while solidifying my own knowledge on the topics I'm teaching.

A few topics I lecture on are:

Quite a diverse range of topics, but I like to keep my skills current - to reflect the demands of industry & to satisfy student requests.

I seem to get great student feedback, so I must be doing something right!

Some of my slides can be found on SlideShare.
Although I'm not sure how they fair without me talking over them & fancy slide transitions ;)

Since lecturing I have also started to organise & host internal hack days for the students to attend. This has so far proven quite popular and will hopefully grow in strength.

Picture of DMD Hack Day

Project on Github
For the last hack day of 2013, I also created a small website (in nodejs & express) that required the students to use web developer tools to explore the source code / console - in the aim to answer riddles to progress. I gained good feedback from this, so will try to do more in the future.

p.s. The details for /riddle1: username: admin, password: 9876. This info was written on a post-it note stuck on the raspberry-pi hosting the app at the time - The hack day theme was security.

If you are interested in potentially guest lecturing, get in contact.