Total Theatre Edinburgh Festival Fringe App Posted on Aug 23rd, 2013

I have recently just finished an app for Total Theatre to promote the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
The app allows users to view data (provided by the Fringe office) showing the different shows happening throughout the festival.

This data is updated via the provided API and allows access to see times, descriptions, categories, venues etc.

The functionality we required wasn't actually possible directly with the API, so most of the project time was spent coercing the data into what we wanted. This eventually required the use of cron jobs and JSON data being stored and heavily filtered on the server side.

I also choose to use AngularJS for this project, which has been a fairly smooth process. I am happy to have made use of the ngAnimate features to switch between views within the app. The ngAnimate directive is currently in the unstable / edge build, but has worked alright so far.

The project had a fairly snappy deadline to coincide with the early stages of the festival, we knew this would be a difficult feat - but this process will be useful for when the app is re-launched and perfected for next years festival.

Unfortunately the launch also coincided with the downtime of the Apple Member Center, which threw things off by a few weeks - but we got there in the end.

Overall developing this app has allowed me to publish my first iOS and Android apps, which is a great feeling. It's good to finally get to grips with the different distribution processes and SDKs. Hopefully this is the first of many apps to come.

If you are visiting the festival, check out the app for some of Total Theatre's recommended shows.

Available now on Apple iOS or Android devices.